Prefabricated Construction

ProBuild • Προκατ Ρόδος
ProBuild • Κατασκευαστική Εταιρεία Ρόδου • Έργα
ProBuild • Κατασκευαστική Εταιρεία Ρόδου • Έργα


A New Way Of Life

Our extensive experience and specialized expertise in the construction of prefabricated buildings with wooden frames enables us to focus on the evolution and the ongoing needs of the industry.

The challenge we take on in every project we undertake is to exceed your expectations and ensure a technically sound result that will fully satisfy your needs and wishes.
ProBuild • Προκατ Ρόδος
ProBuild • Προκατ Ρόδος


Key Benefits

At Probuild, through our network and partnerships, we are able to closely follow developments in the prefabricated building sector and identify the most relevant trends and solutions.


High seismic technology of structures


Excellent energy & thermal insulation performance


High quality & aesthetics of interiors & exteriors


Low cost & faster completion time

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